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Smart Home automation
Allowing full control of every aspect of your home life at the touch of a button.
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Provide us with your drawings and specifications for thorough analysis, discussion and recommendation.


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We will produce a detailed estimate for your consideration, based on the consultation phase.

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Site surveys will be conducted to assess the accuracy of the information submitted, and to provide any variation requirements .


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Deposits will be taken and works commenced on the agreed installation dates.

Smart Home Automation Providers in Kent and the South East

Toucan has a mission to provide homeowners in Kent and the southeast with the best possible smart home automation system. The user experience is our priority.

Our smart home automation systems deliver seamless interaction and total control over all your household tech directly from your smartphone. So now you can control your heating, lighting, security, sound and TV scheduling without having to leave your seat.

Based in Ashford, Toucan Electrical install Smart Home Automation Systems across Kent and The South East,

Smart Home Automation Kent

Smart Home Automation

Product Details

Live The Toucan Experience

Live The Toucan Experience

Toucan is the undisputed leader in the smart home experience. Our comprehensive package supports a spectrum of smart products and delivers an unparalleled performance the entire family can rely on.

Some smart systems that combine different technologies can be inconsistent and frustrating. This is not the case with the Toucan experience. Our sophisticated system makes it easy to modify, upgrade and maintain.

Connected kitchen

Connected kitchen

If the kitchen is the centre of your home life, Toucan Electrical gives you the power to seamlessly connect to the rest of your house from the hub of your home.

Simply use the touch screen to operate the technology in your home. Put on your favourite album, look up a recipe, check your work schedule and much more, all from one central, convenient location.

Your Home In Your Hand

Your Home In Your Hand

Talking control of your entire home couldn’t be easier with the Toucan Smart Home Automation system. No matter whether you want to dim the lights, close the curtain or adjust the temperature, your entire home is at your command from your smartphone or voice assistant.

You can even set up your environment to match your mood with multiple scene settings. Using simple voice commands like film mode or relax mode, you can create different moods for every room in the house.

Elegant dining

Elegant dining

Whether you want a romantic meal for two in your home dining room, enjoy a family dinner or create a unique ambience to entertain guests at a dinner party, our Smart Home Automation System enriches your dining experience with lighting, music and shades.

Relaxing bedrooms

Relaxing bedrooms

Toucan Electrical makes bedding in for the night simple with a series of voice commands to turn the lights on and off, close the curtains and watch the TV with minimal effort - allowing you to lay back and relax. You can even control lights and cameras in other rooms and on the outside of your house.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Because the Toucan Smart Home Automation system is interconnected through an app, you can operate the controls from your smartphone wherever you are. One of your kids has left their key and is locked out? No problem. Simply open the front door remotely from your smartphone whilst you’re still in the office.


Touch Screens

Control your environment with beautifully designed, easy to use touchscreens – control lighting, adjust the temperature, put on your favourite track all at the tap of a button.


Crestron makes entertaining truly effortless. Set the mood for the party with one touch. Want different music playing in the kitchen than in the dining area? It’s easy with Crestron in your home.

Lighting Control

Once the day’s done, set the perfect scene for a family dinner or to snuggle up for a movie, as the screen drops, the lights dim and you settle in for a perfect evening.


Keep a closer eye on your home. Crestron gives you the freedom to control your security and monitor cameras remotely, promising ultimate peace of mind.


Communicate, control, entertain, play – at the touch of a button you have the ultimate in home control.


Crestron takes your viewing experience to a whole new level. Whether you’re watching your favourite show on cable TV, streaming a blockbuster movie, or playing a cutting- edge game in 4K Ultra HD, one touch ensures the screen you’re viewing is optimized for whatever content you choose.


Crestron motorized shades and drapery systems transform any room into a more spectacular space. Our stunning designer fabrics, elegant hardware, and world-class technology ensure you find the perfect shading solution for all the windows in your home.


Set the perfect temperature, always. If it’s cold outside, your home will adjust perfectly to keep you warm, or if it’s too hot set the climate to cool. Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season.

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