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Access Controls
In our new hi-tech world, your home should be one step ahead in providing you with the comfort and security you need.
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Custom-Designed Access Controls in Kent

With reports surfacing that burglaries in Kent could increase by up to 61% by 2026, there is a greater demand for smart access control solutions to be installed in commercial properties and private residences throughout the southeast of England.

The ability to be reached or assess activity in front of your property from remote locations is a useful device to have on hand. Whether you’re at work, walking the dog or on holiday with your family, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your property and its contents are safe.

Installing access control that gives you optimal protection largely depends on your specific requirements. The qualified and talented professionals at Toucan Electrical design top-quality access controls, CCTV camera systems and intruder alarms that are tailored to your precise specifications.

Not only that, but our engineers keep up with the latest technologies and the expectations of end-users - you, your employees or your family members. For example, the proliferation of mobile technologies makes it easier for people to access buildings using smartphones.

Access Control Installation Kent
Commercial Access Control and Card Readers

A smart access control system for offices.

The demand for smart access control solutions is undoubtedly growing, but what should the optimal access control system for a smart office building look like? There's no definitive answer to this as requirements are constantly changing hand-in-hand with the development of new technology and the expectations of office employees.

One very important change we are seeing among employees – especially the younger generation – is a trend towards the wider use of their smartphones at work. They now have the opportunity to use their phone to enter buildings and offices quickly and conveniently. After all, mobile phones are now an essential part of their lives, both at work and in their personal lives.

The investment into an access control system (even an IP solution) is negligible compared to the total cost of the construction of a building, and facility managers in charge of office buildings are increasingly aware of the added value this system brings to the overall value of the property. They can then take advantage of all the benefits offered by IP technology, including mobile access, remote administration, easier installation and scalability.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

With more than 30 years behind us, Toucan Electrical recognise the importance of delivering a high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. Our team of dedicated designers and engineers take great pride in delivering superior customer service that over-delivers.

The keys to our success are to engage in open communication and to supply high-quality products that offer excellent value for money. If you want the best, Toucan is the go-to expert for access control installations in Kent and the Southeast.

Stay in Touch With Your Home

Stay in Touch With Your Home

Investing in an access control system gives you the ability to monitor your property and communicate with visitors - even when you’re not home. Today's access control systems are fitted with IP technology which enables you to speak with visitors standing on your doorstep from remote locations. If you’re having a parcel delivered you can instruct the delivery man where to leave your purchase.

Digital solutions built-in to access control systems also include mobile access, remote administration, easier installation and scalability. If the system registers movement, excessive noise, or an attempt to open the door by force, it will immediately inform you by e-mail or make a call to your phone.

The Mobile Video service enables you to see who is standing outside your property from your smartphone and you can even use the speaker function to try and verbally deter the would-be intruder via the IP intercom.

Toucan Electrical is based in Ashford and provides door entry systems and access control installation across Kent and The South East.


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