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Refurbishment Installation
Our specialists deliver the highest quality standards and the latest solutions to modernise your property. Whether you are thinking of refurbishing your property or require an upgrade of your electrics, you can rely on Toucan to deliver excellent value for money.
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Step 1Consultation

Provide us with your drawings and specifications for thorough analysis, discussion and recommendation.


Step 2 Estimate

We will produce a detailed estimate for your consideration, based on the consultation phase.

site survey

Step 3 Site Survey

Site surveys will be conducted to assess the accuracy of the information submitted, and to provide any variation requirements .


Step 4 Installation

Deposits will be taken and works commenced on the agreed installation dates.

Refurbishment Experts in Kent and the Southeast

Residential properties develop electrical faults over time. When you notice signs such as dimmer switches not adjusting the lights properly, the circuit breaker keeps tripping, or your light bulbs burning out quicker than usual, you should consider having the electrical circuits in your home re-wired.

Toucan Electrical have expertise in providing the most up-to-date installation solutions throughout Kent and the southeast. Whether you’re considering remodelling your kitchen, installing a new bathroom, or need to require the entire house, you can rely on Toucan to deliver exceptionally high-quality services and customer satisfaction.

For more than 30 years, we have made it our priority to provide customers with the best quality products for competitive prices. Our team of highly talented designers also look to inspire you with the latest trends to ensure your refurbishment installation is both visually engaging and functional.

Providing a high level of customer service is important to us. We recognise that refurbishment installations in private properties can be inconvenient and do our best to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. Our installation team can work to tight deadlines and ensure the environment is safe at all times whilst the project is in process.

Installation design blueprints.
Home Refurbishment Installations

Home Refurbishment Installations

If the electrical circuits in your home need upgrading, you have the opportunity to contemplate remodelling your property. Toucan’s in-house team of talented designers can help you to bring your vision to life using 3D design software.

Our friendly team of qualified professionals provide a seamless service from start to finish and works closely with you to understand the requirements and preferences of the entire family. This enables us to determine where to install which type of sockets and which lighting systems are most appropriate.

We can also provide a comprehensive service that goes beyond the preparation and installation of power cables, supply systems and sockets. We also provide lighting, CCTV security cameras, fire alarms and EV charging.

We can also supply bespoke doors, windows, internal glazing and roof lights through our sister company Toucan Glass.

Customer Service is a Priority

Customer Service is a Priority

After more than 30 years of delivering electrical services and refurbishment installation to customers in Kent and the southeast, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. That’s why we make delivering a high-quality service a priority.

Our dedicated professionals take the time to understand the needs of the household and design an environment that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, we place an emphasis on safety so there is no risk of harm or injury whilst a job is ongoing.

It is our dedication to delivering high-quality results that have earned Toucan Electrical a glowing reputation as one of the best refurbishment installation services in Kent and the southeast. Not only that, but we only supply sustainable products and cost-effective materials sourced from partners we know manufacture top-quality goods.


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